Vera Lynn Masters

Age: 12
Likes: Japan, manga, cosplay
Hates: Authority
Dream: To crush the establishment and found a new republic based entirely on truth, justice, and anime.

Maggie Gardiner

Age: 12
Likes: Anime, manga, staying out of trouble
Hates: Forcing cosmic netherlords back through the interdimensional vortex
Dream: To live in Japan and become a voice actor.

Ronnie Beecher

Age: 12
Likes: Computers, comics, The Matrix
Hates: Religion, jocks, waking up naked and covered in green goo
Dream: To build a robot girlfriend, upload his consciousness to the internet, and download copyrighted music with his soul.

Dan Davis

Age: 47
Likes: Chopping wood, killing things
Hates: Demons, human sacrifce, Tech Decks
Dream: To retire from teaching and live in seclusion in a cabin in the woods.

Marlene Tabasko

Age: 56
Likes: Discipline, unquestioned authority, hitting children
Hates: Nonconformity, compassion, touchy-feely educational environments
Dream: To reinstate corporal punishment in public schools and beat every student on at least a biweekly basis.

J.P. Snoofles

Age: Older than humanity itself
Likes: Human flesh, the tears of unbaptized infants, Korean dramas
Hates: Going hungry, broken contracts, getting chopped in the back with an axe
Dream: To take possession of the human world and snack on the souls of every man, woman and child on Earth.